Courses Designed For New & Expectant Mothers

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Courses For Expecting Moms

Prenatal Power Prep

Learn exactly what you need to know about breastfeeding and newborns to be fully prepared for when your baby arrives.


Courses For New & Expecting Moms

New Mom Collective Inner Circle Membership

Get the support of a community and a village as you navigate Motherhood.


Courses For Expecting Moms

Simply Breastfeeding From Day One

It's easy to focus on preparing for birth, and forget to prepare for what comes next...


Courses For New Moms

The Ultimate Newborn Handbook

Answers to the Top 14 Questions You’ll Ask about your Newborn. Preparing for labour and delivery is important, but we want to prepare you for what comes next, feeding and caring for your newborn.


Meet Cindy & Jana

As Registered Nurses and International Board Certified Lactation Consultants, we’ve helped over 30,000 new families settle in with their newborn.

We want to help you too! 

Over and over, we’ve seen the same questions and challenges catch new families off guard. We want it to be easier for you. Our courses are based on the things families say they wish they had known. Get the information you need to feel confident, relaxed, and ready to meet and care for your new baby.

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Alicia I.
New York, NY
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Melissa Ericson -
New York, NY

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12 Insider Truths About Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

One out of every 4 or 5 women will suffer from postpartum depression and/or anxiety in the year following the birth of their baby. Here are 12 important things you should know.

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8 Myths of Motherhood

Before giving birth, we imagine life with a new baby… wonder, amazement, the sweet smell of baby skin, feeling more in love than ever with our partner.

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What Foods Increase Milk Supply?

These foods have all been suggested to increase the milk supply. But do they actually work? If only it was that easy! While trying different foods can have nutritional benefits, there is no evidence that anyone food will increase milk production.

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